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In the last few months, maybe as much as a few years Greece was helped by many of her Friends, betrayed by most of her politicians and the average Greek citizen suffered unbearable cutbacks, insults and even problems in the streets as inhuman methods were applied by the local government in the process of silencing the public anger.
In the last few weeks a new movement is emerging under the general title «We are all Greeks». If you search Google with the phrase «We are all Greeks»you will get over 700000 results. I am not sure if there is an organization or at least website under this name, I will keep searching. But there is definitely a great need for such a movement.

After the end of World War II and the civil war, Greek politics have deteriorated to very low levels. Up to 1967 Greece was a monarchy which in turn was imposed (suggested or whatever) from our so called Friends and allies during the revolution against the Turkish occupation. So we replaced the Sultan with European blood Kings and this lasted to 1967. A so called democratically elected parliament was existing, but the king had the power to dissolve the parliament and in effect control all the main activities. Parliament was beginning to be corrupt even from these days. As a result a group of army generals decided to take over the government, expelling the king and imposing a dictatorship that lasted to 1974, where it self destructed. The real story for the collapse of the so called junta, maybe lies in the famous Polytechnic mini revolution and the deaths that resulted from the attacks of the junta. Maybe the real story has not be told yet.

Greece for years under parliamentary democracy (with king or without) had a series of family related politicians, as a result corruption was very common and the whole electoral system was based on what Greeks were calling «pelatiakes sxesis» which in rough translation means «customer relations» customer was the average person who was desperately seeking a job and his local politician (the person who was selling) was providing the job. This became the norm and many people were served without any real damage to the economy and some were very successful employees for the government.

Eventually this system blew up, not necessarily only through the actions of the Greek politicians or the Greek public. Some major corporations (I will leave them un-named for now) discovered that it will be very easy to get major and profitable contracts from Greece (mainly military contacts), by simply paying a bribe to some government people (not only politicians. In many cases the offer came from the major corporation without a request for services rendered from the recipient of the bribe.

To make a long story short, this is basically how Greece ended in the financial and political mess that it is now.

There is no question that Greece needs help and help is already been provided, but it is not enough and at times it is humiliating.

As I was reading about the concept that «We are all Greeks» a strange idea crossed my mind. Maybe this something can apply to a larger scale globally, in more that one country, maybe the slogan should be «We are all Humans» and maybe we can design a brotherly help system similar to the free software that is so generously provided by those groups who invented the Linux operating system and 1000s of hard working professional on a daily basis, provide the World with tools to improve their lives.

I will stop for now here, you see, I am thinking as a type and come back soon with corrections and more. For now if you have any ideas please use the contact form from the top bar, extreme right and send us a message with your proposal.

We Are All Greeks Now

Please let me know which one of the three logos you prefer as final.

The above three gifs are available to all who wish to use them,
for a good cause, simply right click and save them.


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